World Youth Day 2016

World Youth Day is an event of international significance within the Catholic Church, occurring every 3 years at a new location. World Youth Day 2016 took place in Krakow, Poland as a 6 day event. Pope Francis attended the event delivering the opening and closing papal masses. It was important to our client, American Bible Society (ABS), to be able to engage members of the religious community who were unable to attend the historic event in person, and help them to take part in the massive pilgrimage from any geographic location.

We created a series of virtual reality videos to be distributed through American Bible Society’s “Pilgrimage” app. We helped to promote the app across our social media sites to increase engagement among users abroad and at home. As with “The Passion” the use of the app and the videos was primarily to help increase engagement among millennials. The videos included several interviews with pilgrims, curated into stories exploring their spiritual journey. We also filmed 360 videos of the Matt Maher concert at the Mercy Center that could be watched and enjoyed by his fans back in the States. The filming of various events throughout the week culminated in Greenfish capturing the final papal mass live in VR which could be viewed via Youtube by pilgrims in attendance who, due to substantial crowds of 2.8 million pilgrims, could not get within range for viewing Pope Francis.

American Bible Society works both within the U.S. and worldwide to transform lives through providing access to the Bible.

“Greenfish Labs have unparalleled technical expertise, sure; but they also know that the only way emergent technologies like virtual reality and 360-degree video reach their fullest potential is when they are used to connect with real people’s lives. Not as some theoretical, futuristic tool, but as a means to deliver a story.” Jason Malec, Managing Director, American Bible Society

Date: July 25th, 2016

Category: Production, Virtual Reality

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