The Passion Live

The Passion 360 VR Case Study

With The Passion, Greenfish wanted to create engaging 360 video experiences to help our client, American Bible Society, achieve their goal of finding a new way to get millennials more interested in and connected with their religion as recent studies have shown both church attendance and religious affiliation has dropped significantly among the younger generation.

Fox’s “The Passion” focused on telling a traditional story in a unique way, and we wanted to use our VR capabilities to create new ways that people could engage with what they were watching, bringing a sense of community to people who were present at the event or watching it from home. Our team went to New Orleans a week before the event and started interviewing various members of the NOLA community. We were able to create really poignant narratives by asking people about the passion: what it meant to them personally and what it meant for New Orleans, a city that has found new hope after being devastated by hurricane Katrina. Greenfish wanted to show these parallel narratives alongside each other; the hope of the people of New Orleans and the story of The Passion, which itself is a message of hope. Through this immersive storytelling we were able to use 360° video to create a meaningful experience.

Dick Clark Productions is the world’s largest producer and proprietor of televised live event entertainment programming and owns one of the world’s most unique and extensive entertainment archive libraries, with more than 55 years of award-winning shows, historic programs, specials, performances and legendary programming.

American Bible Society works both within the U.S. and worldwide to transform lives through providing access to the Bible.

“Greenfish Labs have unparalleled technical expertise, sure; but they also know that the only way emergent technologies like virtual reality and 360-degree video reach their fullest potential is when they are used to connect with real people’s lives. Not as some theoretical, futuristic tool, but as a means to deliver a story.” Jason Malec, Managing Director, American Bible Society

Date: March 25th, 2016

Category: Production, Virtual Reality

Tags: Entertainment

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