The Extra Oridinary Give

The Extraordinary Give is a 24-hour fundraising event organized by the Lancaster County Community Foundation serving to benefit local businesses and organizations. For the 2016 Extra Give, Greenfish assisted in spreading awareness about the event by creating a 360 video showcasing the incredible generosity and work ethic of the Lancaster community.

For “Immersed in Extra Generosity” we captured 360 footage of some of the highlights of Lancaster city and the surrounding countryside, as well as interviews with a variety of local business owners. We created a video that would give people pride in their city, and immerse viewers in what it feels and looks like to be part of the Lancaster community. By capturing a 360 perspective of the positive and attractive aspects of the community we sought to motivate viewers to donate so that the wonderful businesses and institutions of Lancaster can continue to thrive.

The 2016 Extraordinary Give benefited 425 businesses raising $7.1 million

Date: December 30, 2016

Category: Production, Virtual Reality

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