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Sun Down Music Festival

In Virtual Reality

Greenfish is continually exploring the various avenues of VR with emphasis on the applications of the technology that carry the most potential to enrich human experience and connect people to one another and to the things they love. This is part of the reason our focus is on capturing real-world events and places and turning them into 360 experiences to be enjoyed by anyone. Our project at Sundown Music Festival in Huntington Beach, CA was an experiment in capturing a live event and using behind-the-scenes elements and creative design and decision making to enhance the viewer’s experience.


With 360 footage of the artists performing, crowd interaction and behind the scenes interviews of the artists, we pieced together a video that would appeal to fans of the artists or fans of music festivals in general. Whether they were unable to attend the event in person, or having gone, wanted a memory of the event with supplementary material that would enhance their own personal experience.


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Date: September 18th, 2016

Category: Production, Virtual Reality

Tags: Music

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