Hope VR Trips: Malawi Africa

Our client, Hope International, is a non-profit Christian organization that works to combat global poverty. In this project we worked with them to provide impactful videos to raise awareness about their work in Malawi, Africa where they created a savings group to mitigate the lack of utilities and supplies in towns. The savings groups instituted by Hope International provide work for people in the community and help them start their own businesses. The villagers also receive small loans and an education in how to save their money. We wanted to create videos Hope International could use to raise awareness about the work they are doing for disadvantaged communities around the world to help them raise funds for their projects.

We shot 360 footage of a few community members in Malawi, showing how the savings group positively impacted their lives. One of these community members was a carpenter named John, who was able to provide for his family and another was a single mother and small farmer named Fanny who was able to recover from a rain season that flooded her fields due to the savings group. This was our first foray into using VR for charitable purposes, which you can read more about here.

Hope International is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to spreading the gospel and fighting global poverty.

Date: February 1st, 2016

Category: Production, Virtual Reality

Tags: Nonprofit

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