The Democratic National Convention is the star attraction this week in Philadelphia, but convention hosts want people to pay attention to the city, too.

Why not experience it in 360-degree virtual reality?

Lancaster-based Greenfish Labs, which specializes in multimedia technology, was hired by the committee to create a four-minute film that provides 360-degree views of Philadelphia.

Narrated by city official Sheila Hess, the film reveals views not seen on a typical tour of Philadelphia — from the top of City Hall just below the statue of William Penn, in the harbor, inside theaters, at the ballpark, from high above Broad Street and in several other venues and neighborhoods around the city.

“VR gives people a chance to go places digitally that they can’t get to physically, and it gives marketers a customer experience that’s more influential than impressions,” said Sovanna Mam, Greenfish’s president and co-founder.

Greenfish is currently in Poland with the Philadelphia-based American Bible Society to produce 360-degree videos of Pope Francis and the Vatican’s World Youth Day events.

The company has continued to raise its profile since launching last year.

Author: Jason Scott

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