From July 25 through 31, the team at Greenfish Labs will be in Kraków, Poland filming the events at World Youth Day 2016 in 360° video.

The project is a milestone for our company. With around 2 million pilgrims expected to be in Kraków for the event and millions of people logging on to watch the proceedings around the world, this will undoubtedly be our most viewed project to date.

Landing a project of such international importance was somewhat of a fortuitous circumstance. In March, the team was in New Orleans, Louisiana where we were working on a 360° live streaming of Fox’s The Passion for American Bible Society.


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After the popularity of our 360° video content for The Passion we were able to continue our partnership with ABS for World Youth Day.

With The Passion, it was important for us to engage the audience with what we were filming, especially because part of American Bible Society’s goal was to find a new way to get millennials more interested in and connected with their religion. Our team went to New Orleans a week early and started building narratives by interviewing various members of the NOLA community.


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We were able to create really poignant narratives by asking people about the passion: what it meant to them personally and what it meant for New Orleans.

New Orleans was chosen because the city has seen a lot of strife in recent years, especially after hurricane Katrina. Greenfish wanted to show these parallel narratives alongside each other; the hope of the people of New Orleans and the story of The Passion, which itself is a message of hope. This kind of immersive storytelling is how we turn 360° video into a meaningful experience.

For World Youth Day, the focus is on pilgrimage. Once again, we will be filming in different spots to capture the weeks’ events and we will be interviewing people, asking them to tell their stories and to share what World Youth Day means to them. The outcome will be another fully immersive experience which is incredibly exciting for a project like this. People who could not afford to go on the pilgrimage or were limited in some other way will be able to see Pope Francis and experience the community in Kraków.

The Passion was a crucial stepping stone for Greenfish Labs in preparing for World Youth Day. While in New Orleans, we implemented the most efficient VR editing methods developed by our Research and Development team. This dramatically condensed our turn around time for having the 360 videos ready for audience consumption. In a weeks time, we will be taking our expertise along with better cameras to Poland. 


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While we’re in Poland, Greenfish is partnering with Nokia and we will be using their new camera, the Ozo, which has been built expressly for filming 360° video. The Ozo is a cinema production quality VR camera with the capability of automatically stitching, saving, and broadcasting 360° video in real time. The camera also shoots in 3D and is able to capture ambisonic 360° audio. The Ozo’s capability to work with extremely large files and its allowance for the storage of meta data for future editing and production enables us to have more control over our 360° filming and editing process than we’ve had for previous projects.


We want our work on World Youth Day to go above and beyond anything we’ve done in the past. Our goal is continuous improvement, and to always exceed expectations.

Catherine Tershak

As Content Strategist, Cate is responsible for creating, delivering, and optimizing written content across Greenfish Labs’ digital channels. Her primary responsibilities are writing on the Greenfish blog and across our social media platforms. Her skills in research help to keep Greenfish Labs one of the top thought-leaders in virtual reality.


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