Virtual Reality is Exploration


It is an immersive journey. It awakens the senses and allows the viewer to become part of the experience. Elevate your brand by inviting the audience into your story.

Who We Work With



Greenfish has been recognized by industry leaders as pioneers and trailblazers in the field of virtual reality. Gain insights on our projects and discover how we are enhancing traditional media.



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What Are People Saying About Greenfish?

“Greenfish Labs have unparalleled technical expertise, sure; but they also know that the only way emergent technologies like virtual reality and 360-degree video reach their fullest potential is when they are used to connect with real people’s lives. Not as some theoretical, futuristic tool, but as a means to deliver a story.”

Jason Malec, Managing Director – American Bible Society

“We could not have picked a better partner to work with than Greenfish. They understood not just what we wanted to show but what we wanted our audiences to experience. We were able to confidently move from planning through post-production knowing our vision was in good hands.”

Andy Hunt, Executive Creative Director – Godfrey

“The Greenfish team is not only one of professionalism but immense creativity. We have been lucky enough to work with their entire team on 3 shows in the past year and we couldn’t have been happier with the results from each opportunity. Their dedication and on the fly thinking, allowed them to produce a beautiful final product for the client. We look forward to new projects over the coming year. ”

Courtney Teller, Sr. Coordinator – Dick Clark Productions

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